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Lender List

Languages other than English are noted under lender names.

Best Capital Funding Kevin Brindley kevin@myhomegateway.com 415-751-3400 353910 x x x
Boston Private Bank & Trust Co. Josie Ramirez jramirez@bostonprivatebank.com 415-752-5626 988223 x x x
Citimortgage Aaron T. Le aaron.t.le@citi.com 650-219-8723 724364 x x x
CitiMortgage Donald E. Hinton don.hinton@citi.com 925-285-8058 455106 x x x
CitiMortgage Jasmine Cheng jasmine.cheng@citi.com 415-271-8137  274593 x x x
CitiMortgage Scott Visnapuu scott.visnapuu@citi.com 415-215-7632 247735 x x x
CitiMortgage Sharongay Pearline sharongay.pearline@citi.com 636-261-8669 738543 x x x
CitiMortgage Susan M Lei susan.m.lei@citi.com 415-307-8495 482425
First Republic Bank Dan Murphy dmurphy@firstrepublic.com 415-288-8003 487268 x x x
First Republic Bank Hilary Byrde hbyrde@firstrepublic.com 415-834-7239 1157843 x
Guarantee Mortgage Allan McAllister amcallister@gmwest.com 415-345-4366 280540 x x x
Guarantee Mortgage  Donna R. Aldrich donna@donnaaldrich.com 415-345-4320 238083 x x x
Opes Advisors Peter Godden pgodden@opesadvisors.com 415-869-6110 893427 x x x
Opes Advisors Steve Hook thehook@opesadvisors.com 415-869-6131 303544 x x x
Opes Advisors Tracy A. Andreini tandreini@opesadvisors.com 415-869-6102 306980 x x x
Scott M. Keller Scott M. Keller smsinsf@pacbell.net 415-794-7841 304647 x x x
Alternative Mortgage Source Beth Hoffman beth@alternativemortgagesources.com 415-861-5708 337855 x x  
American Preferred Lending Jason Cota jcota@aplemail.com 858-768-2694 232220 x x  
Banc of California Kenny Stephen kenny@kennystephen.com 415-412-3363 250703 x x  
Bank of America Ana Wyatt (Spanish) ana.wyatt@bankofamerica.com 415-939-0600 461755 x x  
Bank of America Mortgage Tai V. Tu tai.tu@bankofamerica.com 415-913-5877 483747 x x  
Bank of America Mortgage Roddy Cheung (Cantonese) roddy.s.cheung@bankofamerica.com 415-640-6621 482433 x x  
Bay Equity, LLC Paul Stella paulstellamortgage@gmail.com 415-857-5626 241504 x x  
California Consumer Lending Albert Lee (Cantonese) albertklee@sbcglobal.net 415-269-3800 303447 x x  
California Consumer Lending Ying Ding ydloan@gmail.com 650-364-9800 244236 x x  
California Consumer Lending Vicki Yue vicki.yue@cclfinance.com 650-364-9800
275113 x x  
Chase Ailene H. Ng ailene.h.ng.chase.com  415-939-1014  356627   
Chase Alice Leach alice.leach@chase.com 415-348-1030 692746 x x  
Chase Charito McDougald charito.mcdougald@chase.com 415-564-5816 694751 x x  
Chase Eliza Wu eliza.y.wu@chase.com 415-753-3712 670806 x x  
Chase  Hong Dao hong.dao@chase.com 415-788-0785 672908 x x  
Chase Lindsi E. Oltman lindsi.e.oltman@chase.com 614-217-0870 497757 x x  
Chase Megan Kermani  megan.kermani@jpmchase.com  415-615-0354  633587   
Chase Paak Ki Pang paakki.pang@chase.com 415 887 8839 695591 x x  
Chase Pamela Chan pamela.y.chan@chase.com 415-823-6626 242912 x x  
Chase Rene Perez rene.perez@chase.com 415-295-2113 799392 x x  
Chase Stephen X. Wong stephen.x.wong@chase.com 415-956-2342 685335 x x  
Chase Veronica D. Martinez veronica.d.martinez@chase.com 415-810-0376 286724 x x  
Chase Wayne Kuschel
wayne.kuschel@chase.com 415-527-9338 724355 x x  
CitiMortgage April R. Gregorio april.gregorio@citi.com 650-273-3087 670206 x x  
Eileen Elizabeth Bartlett, Broker Gregory Pennington greg@gregpennington.com 925-216-5626 251401 x x  
FirstCal Carl Le cle@firstcal.net 408-316-9229  481205   
First Capital Group, Inc. Marisa Pecorella marisa@fcmortgage.com 415-440-5626 239334 x  
First Priority Financial Melanie Flynn Melanie.Flynn@fpfmail.com 650-208-1964 230284 x x  
First Republic Bank Marco Remedios mremedios@firstrepublic.com 650-470-8828 487175 x x  
Fremont Bank Leeza Mak leeza.mak@fremontbank.com 877-403-6345 483485 x x  
General Mortgage Capital Corp Raymond Chou Raymond@gmccloan.com 415-759-6860 254973 x x  
General Mortgage Capital Corp Reagan Lee rlee@reaganlee.com 415-857-3882 941995  x x  
Guarantee Mortgage Dante Martin Anthony Carlesimo dante@gmwestpc.com 415-345-4389 993240 x x  
Guarantee Mortgage Kenneth Dean (Spanish) ken@gmwestpc.com 415-254-7524 237940 x x  
Guarantee Mortgage Dean Rizzi dean@drlending.com 415-694-5533 237278 x x  
Guarantee Mortgage James W. Argo jargo@gm1902.com 415-292-1993 257031 x x  
Guarantee Mortgage Kenneth Dean (Spanish) ken@pacificcoastloans.com 415-254-7524 237940 x x  

Guaranteed Rate

Glenn Rodriguez glenn.rodriguez@guaranteedrate.com 415-570-0400 238969 x  
Guaranteed Rate Jay Sondhi jay.sondhi@guaranteedrate.com 415-694-5512 286674 x x  
Guaranteed Rate Jeff Parrott jeff.parrott@guaranteedrate.com  415-694-5518  318227  x  
Guaranteed Rate Jeff Thornton jeff.thornton@guaranteedrate.com 415-686-6054 328371 x x  
Guild Mortgage May Montana may@maymontana.com 415-710-6651 239533 x x  
Guild Mortgage Oliver Flores oflores@guildmortgage.net 510-714-8333 234864 x x  
Guild Mortgage Susannah Harte susannahh@guildmortgage.net 510-409-1061 473612 x x  
Karis Finance Ton Dang tondang@karisfinance.com 650-219-2926 361112 x x  
Land & Property Investment, Inc. Tom Chan tomchan@lpirealtor.com 415-731-0303 343800 x x  
Land Home Financial Robert Wilson Ring robert.ring@lhfs.com 530-263-6610 1034016 x x  
Mason McDuffie Mortgage Corporation Raymond Wayne Gin rgin@mmcdcorp.com 916-207-6332 246802 x x  
Mortgage Center Corp Siman Kim Lee skwlee3388@msn.com 415-946-2138 916227 x x  
Meriwest Mortgage Curtis Linville clinville@meriwest.com 408-363-3460 282662 x x  
Norcal Capital Group, Inc. Winnie Liu winnieliu1688@gmail.com  415-517-2800 339654 x x  
OneTrust Home Loans Joshua Erskine jerskine@onetrusthomeloans.com 858-488-3807 51779 x x  
OneTrust Home Loans Justin Simensky jsimensky@onetrusthomeloans.com 858-429-4657 997117 x x  
OneTrust Home Loans Mathew A Dlugolenski mdlugolenski@onetrusthomeloans.com 858-429-4638 172846 x x  
Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corp  Leman J. Woo lwoo@everfundinggroup.com 415-946-2138 916227 x x  
Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corp Sue Florence sue@ashwellflorence.com 415-812-9508 280604  
PNC Mortgage Maria Tes Vicente tes.vicente@pnc.com 650-425-6738 726250 x x  
Princeton Capital Robert Jocson Robertjocson@princetoncap.com 415-338-0213 502239 x x  
RPM mortgage Steven J. Compagno scompagno@rpm-mtg.com 415-306-7000 347427 x x  
SF Fire Credit Union Naray Silaphet nsilaphet@sffirecu.org 415-674-4803
788949 x x  
SF Fire Credit Union Rujni Arora rarora@sffirecu.org 415-674-4820 993428 x x  
SF Police Credit Union Cissy Yin cissyy@sfpcu.org 415-682-3386 675567 x x  
SF Police Credit Union Ellen Lee ellenl@sfpcu.org 415-682-3351 675558 x x  
SF Police Credit Union Nancy Del Sarto nancyd@sfpcu.org 415-682-3332 675552 x x  
SF Police Credit Union Natalie Randrup-Hyman NatalieRH@sfpcu.org 415-682-3339 675557 x x  
SF Police Credit Union Shirley Nieh shirleyn@sfpcu.org 415-564-3800
454320 x  
Spinner Mortgage Lisa Vuong Lew lisa@spinnermortgage.com 650-522-4198 244793 x x  
TSE Financial Agnes Tse (Catonese) agnesptse@yahoo.com 415-566-5363 241519 x x  
TSE Financial Gina Tse (Cantonese, Spanish) GinaTseLouie@tsefinancial.biz 415-566-5363 247148 x x  
US Bank Kenneth Leahy kenneth.leahy@usbank.com 707-225-4851 692323 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Aaron Weisinger aaron.weisinger@wellsfargo.com 415-545-8030 448645 x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Albert Vong albert.vong@wellsfargo.com 415-442-8600 236462 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Alexandra Victoria Mehas Alexandra.v.mehas@wellsfargo.com 415-247-1265 1024670 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Christopher Sinhbandith Christopher.Sinhbandith@wellsfargo.com 415-396-4424 453611 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Damien W. Ha Damien.W.Ha@wellsfargo.com 415-621-0344 239025 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage David Lee david.lee@wellsfargo.com 415-340-2051 663870 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Gayle Wang Gayle.L.Wang@wellsfargo.com 650-208-7019 456018 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Jason Chapin Jason.d.chapin@wellsfargo.com 415-247-1247  461812 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage John Richard Hofmann III john.r.hofmann@wellsfargo.com 510-446-4898 991038 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortage Kenny Heller Kenny.heller@wellsfargo.com 415-640-6438 887892 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Ronald Chiu Ronald.Chiu@wellsfargo.com 415 867-3035 448559 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Silvie S. Thang Silvie.S.Thang@wellsfargo.com 415-563-5390 690453 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Marcel Mangaliman marcel.mangaliman@wellsfargo.com 415-394-2911 451076 x x  
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sharon Nguyen Sharon.Nguyen@wellsfargo.com 408-472-5959 404847 x x  
West Coast Financial Lawrence Woo wcfinancial210@yahoo.com 650-756-1840 234595 x x  
WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital, LLC Ray Giampaoli ray.giampaoli@wjbradley.com 707-921-1081 211899 x x  
ZMAX Mortgage Corporation Hocking Zheng hocking@zmaxmail.com 415-665-9990 274585 x x  


* Please note loan officers named on loan application forms should match loan officers named on the Final Mortgage Loan Application (form 1003). 

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